Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time for a Change

It's time for a change. I've struggled with this blog for long enough. Too many times I've sat down and found myself with either nothing to say or so much that there's no way to narrow it down into a single, coherent post. Why? No focus. It was supposed to be a blog about 'my thoughts' which sounds great but in reality is far to broad a subject. I mean, have you ever SEEN inside my head? It's a crazy, disorganised mess in there and narrowing down one sensible, insightful thought is like trying to select a particular strand from a plate of spaghetti. Even if I could do it I'd end up getting distracted by a tasty looking meatball.

So I needed focus and it just so happens I found it. You see, the idea of life as a journey has always resounded heavily with me. I'd like to explore that more. and I just bought a bicycle. So I think I'd like to talk about that too. So i figured why not use this blog as a place to explore this journey of life and faith. A journey I happen to have decided to make on a brand new bicycle.

Jesus traveled a lot and he was a humble guy. If they'd been invented then I believe he may well have done a lot of his traveling on a bicycle. Paul, I have no doubt would have loved a good bicycle for his missionary journeys. I bet Paul and Barnabus wouldn't have fallen out so badly if they had bicycles. I mean EVERYONE gets grouchy when their feet are tired and achy.

If Jesus were walking the earth and ministering in person today I believe he'd have a bicycle.

So if I'm going to follow the modern Jesus, today's Jesus, the living Jesus who's at work in the world as we speak, I'd better be able to keep up.
I'm going to follow Jesus on a Bicycle.

Life. Faith. Bicycling.

that's my blog.

More later. Next post I'll tell you a little about the bike I bought. keep you updated on that. I'm also hoping to get back in better shape so I'll let you know how that goes too. And as and when i find some nuggets of wisdom picked up along the jopurney I'll share them with you too

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