Thursday, January 3, 2008

Resolutions or Reflections?

It's that time of year when everyone seems to making resolutions that they won't keep. That your new years resolutions will be broken seems to be almost as much a tradition as making them. So why bother? I think a lot of the reason for this is that people make 'resolutions' for the wrong reasons. Does anyone really ask "why am I doing this?" If you're making a resolution just because it's traditional to make a lame resolution in the New Year then it's really no surprise when it doesn't get kept. These things rarely seem to be thought through. So here's my take on it all, which I will quite arrogantly declare to be far superior to the usual philosophy of New Year.
I just read what I'd writen so far, throught about what i was about to write and decided it was all spectacularly dull.

so I'll leave you with this; instead of making empty resolutions, why not use this time of year as an opportunity for reflecting on where you've been, looking at where you are and setting some goals for where you want to go. if it has thought and reason behind it theres more chance of it being meaningful.

just a thought.

Happy New Year Everyone